Marc Quinn - Orchid Ring, Large


Marc Quinn
Born in 1964 in London (UK), lives and works in London

Part of the YBA (Young British Artists) group, his sculptures, paintings and drawings explore the relationship between art and science, the human body and the perception of beauty. He is interested by genetics and the manipulation of DNA.
Best known for “Self”, a sculpture of his head made of his own frozen blood, and for “Siren”, a solid gold sculpture of Kate Moss that was on display at the British Museum.
This ring was produced in collaboration with Louisa Guinness Gallery in 2005, and is part of his research on “eternal spring sculptures” featuring flowers or fruit kept in subzero silicone or eventually gold-frosted.

Orchid Ring, Large, 2009
Ring – Gold
1.9 x 5 cm
Coll. Diane Venet

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