Bill Beckley - Behind, Beyond, Despite, Into


Bill Beckley
Born in 1946 in Hamburg, Pennsylvania (USA). Lives and works in New York City.

An American artist who was born in a small farming town in the Amish countryside.
He considers himself a narrative / conceptual artist. His first photos were included in “Art in the Mind” (1970), the first conceptual art exhibition in the US.

He then moved to New York, where he was part of a group of conceptual artists that used images and texts in a form that came to be known as narrative art. Close friends with other artists on the New York scene (Nauman, Flavin, LeWitt, Acconci, Le Ba and Oppenheim), he also exhibited in many European galleries, particularly in Paris and in Dusseldorf. This first experiment with jewelry was produced in conjunction with his New York gallery, Friedman Benda, in 2014.

Preposition Paddle Pendants: Behind, Beyond, Despite, Into, 2014
Pendants – Gold and enamel
5.3 x 1.5 cm, each
Edition of 8 (Marc Benda)
Coll. Diane Venet

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