Dinos and Jake CHAPMAN - Wingnut and Bolt Chocker, Jubilee Clip


Dinos and Jake Chapman
Born in 1962, Cheltenham (England)

Dinos and Jake are two brothers working together in London, and are members of the Young British Artists movement.

Deliberately provocative, the two artists have become masters in the art of controversy.
In creating a jewelry piece for the Louisa Guinness Gallery, Dinos centered his research on a type of nut to be tightened around the neck or wrist.

Wingnut and Bolt Chocker, Jubilee Clip, 2010
Necklace and bracelet – Silver
Diam 12 cm adjustable (necklace), diam 6 cm adjustable (bracelet)
Edition of 100 (necklace), edition of 100 (bracelet) (Louisa Guinness Gallery)
Coll. Diane Venet

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