Jacqueline de Jong - Pomme de Jong

Jacqueline DE JONG

Jacqueline de Jong
Born in Hengelo, Dutch in 1939

The humble potato, which grows in de Jong’s vegetable garden in the Bourbonnais area of France, had waited some time to be turned into a work of art. In fact, it turns up in a natural form in a series of paintings made after Malevich in 2001, as the hair of the farmer’s wife (‘Potato Hair’). This in turn gave rise to the painted dialogue (‘Harvest’) with the pioneering Russian artist.
The work involving potatoes is the ‘Pommes de Jong’ series, in which potatoes and their shoots have been dried slowly over a period of two years and submerged in a bath of platinium or gold becoming jewelery.

Pomme de Jong, 2017
Pendant – Dried potato plated 18 carat yellow gold
20 cm
Edition MiniMasterpiece
Coll. Diane Venet

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