Salvador Dali - Cuillère avec montre-peigne

Salavador DALI

Salvador Dali
Born in 1904 in Figueres (Spain), deceased in 1989 in Figueres (Spain°

Dali was a skilled painter, best known for the striking and disturbing images in his Surrealist work.
His expansive artistic repertoire includes painting, sculpture, film, photography and philosophy.
As a student in Madrid, he was friends with Buñuel and Garcia Lorca. In 1929, he met Gala, then the wife of Paul Eluard; they married in 1934.

Dalí employed extensive symbolism in his work. For instance, the hallmark “soft watches” that first appear in The Persistence of Memory (1931) are suggestive of Einstein’s theory that time is relative and not fixed.
Between 1941 and 1970, he created a group of 39 pieces of jewelry.

Montre petite cuillère, 1957
Hair brooch – Gold and night blue enamel
11.2 x 2.5 cm
Edition of 6
Coll. Diane Venet

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