Andy Warhol - Times 5


Andy Warhol
Born in Pittsburgh (USA) in 1928, died in New York (USA) in 1987

The son of Czechoslovakian immigrants, he was born in the US and was a leading figure of the Pop Art Movement.
His work explores the relationship between artistic expression, advertisement and celebrity culture through drawing, painting, photography, print making, films and music…
His famous silkscreen portraits symbolize the standardization and the cult of the consumer in the new American society of the 1960s.

Just before his death in 1987, he conceived of the first artist’s watch in collaboration with the Swiss watch manufacturers Movado.
A limited edition of 250 copies, it is constructed of stainless steel and consists of 5 dials representing photographs of New York buildings in black and white, each with red dials for different time zones.

Times 5, 1988
Wristwatch – Dark steel
22.5 x 2.4 cm
Edition Movado, 225/250
Coll. Diane Venet

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