Faust Cardinali - The Botellum stalactite


Faust Cardinali

Born in 1961 in Paris (France), lives and works in Paris and Tuscany (France / Italy)

His work as an artist covers three disciplines: jewellery making, sculpture and painting, which frequently influence each other.
Often a piece of jewellery I have made will “trigger” an installation. The jewellery is always the object that reveals and explains everything, sometimes in a forced or exaggerated manner.
The jewellery decodes the message, while the paintings conceals it.
His work deals with the psychology of opposites: the extreme coarseness of the raw material versus refinement, the mutilating violence of the massive and vulgar versus gracefulness. Very often the precious element of the jewellery is hidden.

The Botellum stalactite, 2010-2017
Necklace – Silver with polyvinyl
16 x 18 cm
Unique piece
Coll. Diane Venet

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